Gordon Claus a.k.a. HORIATSUIYATSU has been interested in tattooing since 1989. He started as an intense collector and has tattoos from more than 90 tattooers. He has been tattooing since 1998 and loves to travel to learn more about his passion. Here and there he visits some selected conventions and visits friends in thier shops all aorund the globe.


Horiatsuiyatsu means: Tattooer with passion for what he does, but also to achieve his aims over all.

Gordon has started to study Japanese Tattooing and with that aiming for completeness on his own about ten years ago.To survive outside of Japan in the world of tattooing is only possible with huge passion and extreme devotion. Society constantly gets manipulated through growing media and changing trends, consuming new things, but exactly that will be the decline of tattooing. One can quickly get lost in this world of consume without ideals and passion. In the course of this, Gordon thought to withdraw himself from public: No media, no big window on a main street, only selected conventions, only contact to a few tattooers, no ego, greed and envy. More being in the element of tattooing with the people who find me.

Taking yourself back is a good way of self-cleansing.

My Success: I measure my success by how happy I am. I have never been happier than NOW!


“Men are born different to one another, but he who constantly strives to be someone can become a real person.” –Japanese saying

Excuse me, when I retract myself after 15 years of street shop tattooing. It‘s time for something very new. A rebuilt doctor‘s office gives me the possibility to let in with my customers without interruption.

“On your appointment it‘s only you who counts.”

With the new concept, I find more peace and constancy and you can see that change in my work!

Only when I‘m good to myself, I can pass a good feeling to my customers and make a great experience out of your appointment. That‘s why I criticize myself and my work to create something outstanding for you. A place where I can be myself and you can let go.


There‘s always movement in my schedule: new appointments, shifting and cancelations. I would be happy to help you, so take some time and come in and check out personally. Usually I‘m there on wednesday from 4-7 p.m. If you come from further away please get in touch with us before!

Because I heard a few rumors I can tell you for sure, that also in future I will take not only large scale work but I also do small tattoos. So if your idea is persuasive, you‘re patient and confident, you can be sure to get a piece of my heart in your project. On my homepage you will find only selected few tattoos I‘ve done. Only a few are shown in order to protect my customers and their designs, but also keeps the mystic side of tattooing alive.

The photos you see on my homepage are examples of my work and show what you can expect when you get a tattoo from me.

When you come by to talk to me, I politely ask you to come on your own or in very small groups, best only accomponied by a friend. Please be so kind to leave your kids at home and switch off your phone during our conversation.

Thank you for your interest

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