Stab City flash book

You can’t even imagine how happy Gordon was when he received the invitation for the step city book by Ross Nagel from Limerick, Ireland. To prepare one of the 250 pages of the book was a delight and great pleasure. Here you can see some sneekpeeps of the page and the cover of the book that you could be able to order at

I chose the theme of stabbing as a ritual. For this I have taken sacred imagery and given one half of it to the summer and the other half to the winter. This way I reach the Constitution of king and kang. The overall theme being that we need sacred instruments to come back. Reincarnation of being a big part of spiritual nature is very important to me. The measurement behind this action, would be that we strive to make a good life in which we live. Those of us who realise, what it’s about, will get one step further in the carnations. In the next life you will have new things to take care of. For sure we are all going to come back with new missions.
For those of us who do not take care of this, will have the same mission again. Nobody is perfect and no matter how high are you strive, it is impossible to reach the high state of consciousness. That’s why it is impossible to escape and we all come back, again and again!

As we heard you should be quick because only 1000 of them have been published. Obviously this makes it a collectors item.

Thank you so much Ross for including me!