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One year Death Memorial of Eiji Ryuzaki.

It’s almost 1 year ago and everybody close and around Eiji Ryuzaki (IKIZAMA, HORIKOI, KISARAGI) has noticed that a certain special person is not around us anymore, however energy does not go lost and you can feel the warmth of his love when you think about it.
To mark the one-year death memorial, a concert has been organised to commemorate the community loss.

We sincerely hope that all who knew Eiji will have time to come join us!!!

Man with Guitar and open background of harbour behind himRock musician holding on to his mircophone.

Adding to this occasion there were many comments we picked up during the days surrounding the venue. The following commentators wish to stay anonymous.

The love for “Eiji Ryuzaki”

Starting with this a beautiful comment:
On May 18th last year, the curtain fell on that eventful life (IKIZAMA). He was 60 years old.

There may be some people who haven’t grasped the fact yet because I couldn’t report it immediately due to the will of the person. The funeral was also a family funeral, so I think there are many people who haven’t been able to say the last goodbye.

On February 19, 2023 (Sunday), “Kisaragi May Tribute Live” will be held, exactly one year after the raging day that he went to on his birthday last year, calling himself “Death Fight Live”. . This is a succession of the event “Real Legend” (the “L” in Legend is written with “R” for Ryuzaki), which was held in February every year before his death. It is done with the help of people.

I’ve been singing the songs I’ve been singing in my solo corner until recently, and while I’m very proud of myself, I’ll be working on the vocals for the last “Gishin Tribute BAND”, and I’ll shout out the gem “Gishin” number in my own way.

I was impressed many times by the tenacity of not giving up on singing until the very end. I know that I am lacking in strength, but I will sing with all my heart and soul.

I hope that not only the people who were associated with him during his lifetime, but also those who love the music of Yoshishin and Satsuki Kisaragi, along with his musical friends, will be able to send them to them in a flashy way. If you have time, don’t be shy (laughs) please join us.

Never forget “Eiji Ryuzaki”

Another beautiful comment:
I was finally able to go here yesterday. I cried and cried from the moment I stood in front of you, and I couldn’t move for a while.

Over and over again, I’ve conveyed my feelings of gratitude, saying, “Thank you very much.”

Now let’s head to the venue. Thank you very much for coming today.

And it’s a day early, but happy birthday!

A bond with Eiji Ryuzaki!

Another wonderful comment:
Let me tell you a little bit.

It’s going to be long~ (lol) (lol) (lol)

In May of the year before last, at Mr. Kisaragi’s home, he told me, “I was told that I had six months to live.” Then he said, “I have to finish your back.”
From that day on, we were able to spend time alone at the carving site almost every week. Sometimes it takes 4-5 hours. I will never forget the many words we exchanged during that time.
And at the end of the day, he continued to carve until his body really stopped moving. Certainly, some people may say that this is not complete, but I think that this is one form of bond.
For a year from the day I was told I had only six months left to live, I had him by my side and, of course, got my tattoos, went to a live house with him, had him rush to my sister’s store’s anniversary festival, and performed with him in a live performance…

I’m sorry that I couldn’t tell you because I was told by the person himself, “If that happens, don’t tell anyone for the time being.”

Come join us at the farewell party

Therefore, we will hold a farewell party at Toyohashi AVANTI on Sunday, February 19th. This will be held as “REAL REGEND RE: BIRTH” based on the “Real Legend” that Mr. Kisaragi held during his birthday month. This time, courtesy of AVANTI, admission is free (2 drinks ¥ 1000 will be charged at the time of admission), so we are looking forward to seeing everyone who has a connection.

“Real ‘R’ legend -Re:birth-“
“Kisaragi May Tribute”
I’m looking forward to it too.

I sent only my relatives, so I would be very happy if as many people as possible could come.
If it’s convenient for you, please take care of it ♂️

Band on stage with red lights in the background.
Singer Kitamura san from “The Jimmy Jets” and former band members take it to the top!

The continued dance of Eiji Ryuzaki

The last of many marvellous comments:
Happy Birthday ✨
I’m a neglected demon, but thank you for your continued support (*癶∇癶)♪