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During the COVID-19 lockdowns, there were many different thoughts towards mentality and mental health of the future. Is everybody taking care of himself or just giving up? I think we have it in ourselves to decide what we want to do and how we want to be.  One thing that is left to do is to stay productive for future projects. Stay on top of things.

Just like Sensei Horikoi/Kisaragi would say “instead of sitting around and watching Netflix all day it’s better to stay active”. A day without productiveness is a day that is lost. Time can never be brought back again. If you do that for a week, it could’ve been a painting.

Japanese skin carver Horikoi holding up his Tebori tool. A certain amount of discipline is shown in the picture. In the background you can see pictures of the studio.artefacts of old times are hanging.scrolls from friends and a cabinet full of tools to work with.

Horikoi holding up his Tebori tool, indicating discipline.

A big piece tattooed from Horikoi depicting an unfinished dragon.

Stunning work by Sensei from Toyohashi

How did the older generation of painters manage to produce so many artefacts. In technical terms, before Electronic television was first successfully demonstrated in San Francisco on Sept. 7, 1927 , the old generations of painters produced an uncomparable amount of work. Is it only due to this effect for was the human being in all completely different. It seems that today’s luxury generation has High expectations and does nothing for it. Also seemingly emotionless but highly sensitive. Straightforwardness seems to be missed.

It stays my desire and an inner drive to keep the self-esteem up at all times. It stays importantto fight laziness and disorientation.

With that in mind are usually produce almost each clients backpiece upfront on paper. Multiple layers of paper are used to sketch the form. Here you can see how Michaels dragon turn out, under the guidance and studying of Sensei Kisaragi. The colours are kept at a minimal range.

I also enjoy collecting plastic toys, comics and other beautiful things to keep myself happy and the imagination going . Semingly from a different world. These figures inspire me to think openly and with white range.

I enjoy collecting Funko figures to decorate my horimono Sketches for fun.  The Japanese term “Kawai” for sweet, everybody can have a sweet friend seems to fit and be appropriate here. Kanagon my favourite Kaiju and Fudo myoo, Japanese god of fire are in my private collection. The Fudo figure has been made from the lesser than Mutsuo from Three Tides in Osaka. Originally the figure has come out in different versions, however the bronze one reminds me strongly of statues that can be found in shrines throughout Japan. The figure actually weighs a lot more than usual Funko figures. It definitely stays the only one that I would want for my collection, from the Fudo series.

If you are in fact looking for a cool place to order Funko’s then maybe have a look over at

The company has an excellent service for customer support and really shipped out fast. You never wait too long for your delivery from Australia.

Personal experience with diverse drop shipping companies, like a Popinabox continued to stay a disaster. My suggestion is you go read the reviews written in the Internet about each company. After that the decision is easy.thank you to popcultcha for keeping it easy!

please enjoy the pictures.

To Franco figures standing on a dragon painting.

Kanagon and Fudo Myoō

Dragon painting with the colours red yellow and blue.Brown is used to bring texture to the yellow horns.the Dragon is holding a crystal. Apparently the crystal represents a planet or even an atom. The power to rule the universe

A dragon to rule the universe.

Painting of a dragon in the snow. The painting is round about 40×90 cm

Michael’s dragon sketch in the snow.

Regarding that the original painting has been sold, you can still gladly order a commission painting with your favourite theme. If time allows and your idea is good, it should be no problem to acquire a sketch commission or visit to see which prints are available.

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