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Initially a project sketch for Niko’s back piece Tattoo, it was admired by many. Due to popular demand and Niko’s concent, prints have been made on heavy Hahnemühle gallery paper. The prints look exactly like the original.

There are two sizes available to choose from. 35*50cm and 50*70cm.
The print is limited to 50 pieces and comes signed and numbered.
Please use the contact via email to purchase.

Japanese mythological character meditating in the mountains

Kidumaru Meditation


so story has it… If you go out into the matrix tonight, I bet you are in for a big surprise. Reminding us friends of the night to please remember, we can make it happen together! We can do it! Only together we can make a change.

It’s been tough without work. In the last year it’s been six months without income.stay at home, Christmas alone, New Year’s Eve in silence, due to Corona regulations.

Thank you everybody for your support by ordering the Kidumaru print.

The expectation level of each man to another has risen. Lets be aware that there might be times ahead with bravery is needed to help the weak and poor. Don’t forget it. Think about it in your matrix! Japanese folk hero Kidumaru enjoys meditation with Neo,Trinity and Morpheus. Heroes like him one said: Unfortunately, no one can be told what the matrix is.
It is up to you! Dream for the good!

As a Funko pop collector Gordon Claus chose these to accompany the meditation scene.


Four Funko Pop figures from the matrix movie in front of the Kidumaru painting by Gordon Claus


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