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There is a certain sense of pride to see the own work in a two-page double feature in Tattoo Kulture Magazine. Gordon Claus shows a stack of paintings, on the one-page produced during the Corona lockdown. Over the past three years, Gordon managed to receive guidance and knowledge to produce his own generation of homework from sensei in Toyohashi Japan, Kisaragi 初代如月 a.k.a. Horikoi.

Each project sketch considering the correct background and garment design for the each warrior.

Considerably time-consuming but worth every effort to produce new imagery for future clients. The stack of paper is kept dearly at the workspace to show new clients what is possible.

With other words not being able to work physically on clients, the time is wisely used to study and become better at what is to be understood in future.

95% of all project sketches are not shown to the public. They are exclusively for those who become clients to choose what will suit them in the end.

In the picture you can see a sketch of the historic (from the eight dog story) warrior  Inuzuka Shino Moritaka (犬塚 信乃 戍孝) stacked on top of a bunch of different preparations.

Inuzuka Shino Moritaka on the on the Horyukaku Roof – Great portrait of the Eight Dog Warrior Inuzuka Shino Moritaka during his famous fight with Kenpachi Nobumichi on the roof of Horyukaku, a tower of Koga Castle.

The following page depicts a Fu dog, Chinese lion 唐獅子牡丹 surrounded  by rocks and Peonies.

“Karazishi Botan”

“Shishi” (lion) is “the king of beasts” Peony is “the king of hundreds of flowers”.

The back piece is made in The traditional Japanese carving handcraft called Tebori.

endless hours are spent completing the work. it is extremely expensive but less painful in the end. It stays a fantastic voyage.

Open magazine with two pages of pictures, one with a warrior and the other was Chinese lion and peonies

Second-generation Kisaragi work

Shino Moritaka painting by Gordon close printed in Tattoo Kulture Magazine

Shino Moritaka

Thank you Sabrina from Tattoo Kulter Magazine for printing,

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