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What is Waboripedia?

Striving to preserve the history and culture of Japanese tattooing, Waboripedia is a great YouTube channel, specialising solely in Wabori and Horimono.
New York City based Journalist and the channels elaborate editor Mr. Jean González takes his time to sit down with numerous Horishi (Tattooers) from around the globe and listens to what I have to say. Please enjoy his series “The figure behind the ink” as much as possible. Our Family is quite proud to be featured in interview Episode 14.

Title slide of a podcast called “Waboripedia”. The subtitle reading the figure behind the ink. episode 14. On the left side of the picture you can see a man sitting down with a linen cloth around his Buttocks. Across his back a big black dragon with brown horns. The belly plate and tongue is red. The Dragon is holding a treasured jewel.

Moments before the Waboripedia interview.

It’s never easy to sit down and speak freely in front of an audience. Mr González phoned me a few minutes before the interview to break the ice. Slightly nervous, let’s do this…
However it’s not easy because you know it’s been taped and it’s going to be in the net for ages. So it’s all about getting your act together and doing your best.
I think the worst thing about it is the best thing about it. Learning how to become a better person. Speaking about this in the interview is one thing, but listening to it afterwards is another.
So in the end it’s all about designing yourself and just letting it go.

Should we go ahead?

Days before the interview, Lars Walking (Horiyou), Rick Wilson (Horioka) and Myself (Kisaragi II) were talking about if we want to do this or not. We usually like to stay in the background.
Trying to analyse if the Waboripedia channel is legit. We came to the quick conclusion that nobody else could do it better than Mr González. Everything is perfectly organised in smallest detail. A great channel for all the enthusiasts out there that want to know more about our art, than to scratch the surface.

Waboripedia Zig Zag…

In all, I presume it was very important to speak about certain things that would be good for everybody out there to understand. Enjoy listening to the podcast or video, while cooking or cleaning your flat. By the way, Waboripedia it’s also available on Spotify.

Let’s be clear, if we don’t speak the ethics, issues and all the fun facts, then how are we going to progress altogether?

Being diagnosed with ADHS years ago, it’s not easy for me to laser focus and keep it up for a length of time. So please excuse me for zigzagging around and sometimes going over the border of time limits. If anything appears unclear for anybody just get in touch with me personally. It’s all meant well and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say.

At this point I would like to thank the audience and also Mr Gonzales for listening to me all the way through. The interview is a little journey for you guys to have a little bit more understanding what it’s all about.

Shodai Kisaragi and connections.

I allow myself, Gordon Claus – Horikoi Kisaragi Family, to take the liberty and mention a couple of names in the interview. Right now it’s something like a disclaimer.
I would really like everyone to understand that I’m not mentioning names normally at all.
However people who I am speaking about or mentioning in the interview, are all in the one or other way connected to our family. Sensei Horikoi a.k.a. Kisaragi first, was somebody who conducted numerous conventions in Japan as the only person in its time.
The “Tattoo Summit” in Toyohashi was a great venue and was held in the beginning of the 2000’s about eight times. So of course this was the beginning of a lot of interaction between Horishi from Japan. So of course this was the beginning of a lot of interaction between tattoos from Japan. Many things started becoming easier.

The thing is…

The Waboripedia interview discusses a whole row of interesting events throughout my career and also that of the first generation. How I became second generation as the first person in the world outside of Japan.
In this interview you can see pictures of my work never to be seen even on my website. Not on any social media. I thought that would be nice for a change. Let’s keep mystical amd magical!

Conclusion of a fun time…

Thank you for the opportunity to portray our family views. Thank you for the invitation and sitting down to talk with me. We enjoy to observe and see your channel progress in the following years to come. Success!

Traditional Japanese Tattooer Interview | Kisaragi II | The Figure Behind The Ink | Germany

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