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Today’s book market offers a wide selection of books for every interest and topic. It’s literally impossible to find a complete overview from everything that has been published. Maybe not always necessary to publish everything. Luckily somethings are published in a very small frame.

Sharing the passion of enjoying the visuals of Horimono, I am always on the lookout for special literature. It’s extremely seldom to find works and publications that you can actually learn from or enjoy reading and looking over and over again. Many publications have become very rare and expensive indeed.

Ronin De Goede takes his Leica MP, looking for the dark and contrast rich corners of the Japanese underworld. After visiting Sensei Horikazu and his friends multiple times he acquired the trust to become the chief photographer of this pride underground group. In his book you can see the real insight captured in the spur of the moment during the “Sanja Matsuri Festival” which is annually held in Asakusa, Tokyo on the last weekend each May.

The participants enter a certain state of active communication with the gods. The portable shrine “Mikoshi” carried on the shoulders of local residents is always the highlight of the year.

Where is your chance to get hold of a book that has been produced in its first edition with 1000 copies only by Zen Foto Gallery. The book is filled mainly with pictures of Asakusa Yakuza showing off their full body tattoos while standing astride the portable shrines.

Horimono by Sensei Horikazu from Asakusa

Multiple pages with men heavily tattooed and decorated with Shinto gods to adorn their bodies. This is the highest form of respect to the Kami!
The purpose of this procession is to bring luck, blessings and prosperity to the area and inhabitants.

Horimono Seasons by Asakusa Horikazupublication Ronin De Goede 

In his book, the Dutch photographer Ronin De Goede has created a visual diary of the precious time that he spent with traditional tattoo master Horikazu Tokyo’s Asakusa district around the sensō-ji.

The book has a strong sense of honesty, endurance, and a strong sense of companionship. Every picture speaking its own story, can be regarded as a piece of art and seems timeless.

Renowned Author Mark Poseidon manages to take us on a unusual journey in the forward, with a flood of valuable information explanations that make things clear.

Perhaps one of the better publications I have seen in the past years. I am already extremely happy for those who own a copy of this book as it will surly become a milestone with times to come.

Demon Extermination and Kongorishiki from at Kaminari-mon

In total and estimated 130 pages or even more with multiple Photos spread over both pages, slightly smaller than A4 size.

A father with his daughter at the Three shrine festival in Asakusa

Around about 130 pages and more make this work to an epic adventure of paging. It’s really beautifully bound in a hard box depicting cherry blossoms in bloom. The book itself is beautifully embroidered with red cloth.

For those of you interested in where to find the book

or visit the Author

Published 11/2020






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