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With all honour and Respect

Sensei first Kisaragi from Toyohashi, Japan formerly known as Horikoi would like you to enjoy a series of videos he has especially made, so the general public can achieve a better understanding of the Japanese underworld and his doings.
This is the first production “ Behind the scenes” together with MY RØDE REEL 2020.

As the Second generation Kisaragi (Gordon Claus) I would love to introduce you to the “Sensei Kisaragi’s world”. I purposely include a link to YouTube instead of posting the video here. Please go ahead and click on the link. Perhaps you want to subscribe to the channel for forthcoming documentaries.

Go for it!

I allow myself to include a few pictures of what lays ahead.
Please enjoy

Directed by N. Tanii

Directed by Takeshita Sekimori and Shintaro Teramoto

Offline Editor Yi Weilin, Online Editor and Colorist Himeka Senda ,
sound design by Yasunori Hoshimoto

Blending Needles

Kisaragi first Ryuotaro back piece in Progress

Tebori by Kisaragi the first.

With pride the Senjafuda (signature) is filled in last after completion. It has to be earned first.

In general the carving Horishi is never changed. It is Regarded a disgrace for clients to change between artists. It’s advisable to stick to old rules and choose wisely ahead.

Kisaragi first with his recent faithful clients

映画会社とプロデューサーに感謝します。 素晴らしい作品をありがとう。 品質は素晴らしいです。 如月先生は、YouTubeで動画をご覧いただき、誠にありがとうございました。 今後のアップデートについては、チャンネルをフォローしてください。


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