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Future Generations

The new 2022 Kisaragi Tattoo Family handtowel is ready!

So, long story short.
I suppose it’s always up to those who want to change something for the better. Maybe to do something new or at least stay active. You know the past few years weren’t so easy and it’s important to stay motivated. With the cancer of our master working its way, we were increasingly conscious of our time running out together. Striving to make our occupation a better one for future generations to come.

Working on projects together

Horikoi Sensei (Kisaragi) and his eight scholars were constantly working on new projects together. Of course there is a certain level to be held. The road along, hard and stoney, was not for everyone. Along the way we noticed that the one or other scholar was having difficulties due to lack of dedication, lack of commitment, mental issues, lack of motivation, lack of pride, lack of experience, lack of talent, lack of being an every day all round good person.

Don’t get it wrong, each participant in our school went through a tough check. Also the really good scholars. Due to the loving and constant correspondence with each scholar Sensei made the right choices towards the core of the group. Some decided to take their own road by free will and others were dismissed.

Finding the best screen printing Co. in Japan

In honour of Sensei Kisaragi a.k.a. Horikoi first from Toyohashi in Japan, his three remaining scholars, Rick Wilson (Horioka), Lars Walkling (Horiyou) and Gordon Claus (Second Generation Kisaragi) decided to go ahead with our idea.
After a long stretch of anticipation and planning, it was important for us to find the best company to produce our idea. Obviously the company would need to be from Japan. We have already been in touch with famous company Kiku.ichi.rin for some time and we decided to make things happen. We dropped down a couple of ideas and then let him do his magic.

Now we are indeed really glad about our decision. The new towel is a collaboration between Kikuichirin from Japan and our family gate.

Thank you very much for your hard work.

Tenugui for our clients

Usually you use Japanese hand towels ”Tenugui” for decorative purposes. Primarily used to dry your hands, which has become an uncommon practice in Japan these days. They now hang on walls and of course are found to wrap up presents, or as a sweat band in sports practices. We however use them to show our identification as a group. Further details are discussed individually.

The Kisaragi Tattoo Family Tenugui will not be for sale. It has been prepared for our clients and friends. We hand it out by choice to those for active achievement of large scale bodywork.

Keep your faith, Keep your smile