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With passion and love for his craft

With great sadness and with loving memory we would undoubtedly like to leave a candle burning for our deceased master, Sensei Kisaragi 初代如月 a.k.a. Horikoi 初代彫鯉時代 from Toyohashi in Japan.

After 40 years of Tebori experience and enjoying the art of Horimono in Japan, Eiji Ryuzaki born May 1962, left us in May 2022.

The loss of a great legend and strict authentic influence in the ”Tattoo World”

We will not forget who paved our way

The philosophy and technique of Horimono needs to be preserved in any case, because the occupation is slowly but surely changing with the loss of many old masters. Furthermore it’s up to everybody themselves to study and work on a better world of tomorrow. This is why it’s seemingly very important to keep up the old technique of Tebori (Handcraft). Instead of using modern and comfortable machines that are designed for consumption purposes, we rather use the old methods with dignity. However we are lucky, happy and support the young movement of Horishi (Jap. tattooers) who strive to keep the art of Horimono alive.

Dedicated to his work

We are deeply grateful for sensei’s friendship and teachings. Since he was a man with great dignity and a passion for his craft. He was absolutely dedicated to tattooing and it’s admirable how brave he took his fight with cancer. Always putting his clients in front of his treatment, he really strived to get all of his work done. A few of his works unluckily still remain unfinished.
Our deepest condolences go out to everybody who misses Sensei. Thanks in return to everybody for reaching out to the family.

Rick Wilson (Horioka), Lars Walkling (Horiyou) and Gordon Claus (Second Generation Horikoi/Kisaragi) protect the legacy and legend. We will continue with pride. Please come join us!

Unquestionably he stays a valuable voice in the Japanese Rock scene. With self written hits like ”Kyodai” and ”Rainy Way” its easy to listen to his Cd’s or even occasionally go to sing one of his songs at Joy Sound Karaoke in Japan.

Love and light

sincerely, second-generation Kisaragi, 二代目如月